Katherine Saxon, composer
Music that reflects humanity’s relationship with the natural world, both as part of it and in conflict with it

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A selection of instrumental and vocal works available for digital download.
  • Choral • SATB

    Tension, Apprehension, and Dissention


Latest Works

New compositions from Katherine Saxon

  • Choral

    Fairy Lullaby

    SATB chorus

    2 minutes 30 seconds

    A setting of the creepy crawly, creature-infested lullaby from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. 

  • Choral

    Let me walk in Your ways from Jamestown 452

    soprano solo and piano; SAB and piano

    2 minutes 30 seconds

    A passionate and heartfelt plea for God’s guidance and support.

  • Choral

    Le Cigale

    SATB Chorus

    3 minutes

    Written for a laugh during the cicada bloom in the summer of 2021, Le Cigale is composed in the renaissance style of Josquin de Pres’ famous El Grillo.

  • Orchestra


    Full Orchestra: 3(afl)3(eh)3(bcl)3(cbn)/4331/timp.2perc/ harp.cel/ str
    Small Orchestra: 2/2(eh)22/4331/timp.2perc/ harp or pno.cel/str

    6 minutes

    Nunatak was written during a road trip to Colorado with my mother and one year old daughter. I was struck by the enormity of landscapes and landforms: the Mohave, the Colorado River, the Rockies, and my mind wandered north, to the glaciers of Alaska and Canada.

  • Choral

    St Teresa’s Bookmark

    SATB with organ or piano accompaniment

    2 minutes

    A short, but moderately challenging setting appropriate for a small or large adult choir. Appropriate for use as a church anthem.

  • Instrumental

    Forgotten Memories

    flute and piano

    5 minutes 30 seconds

    This piece reflects on these ideas, and on family, loss, and how, even in the absence of memories, we imagine who we are.

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Tsuki ga dete / the moon rises

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