Katherine Saxon


Katherine Saxon (b. 1981) was born in Santa Monica, California. She graduated magna cum laude from Williams College in Massachusetts where she studied vocal performance with Brad Wells and composition with Ileana Perez Velazquez. She obtained a Masters of Music at the University of Oregon studying with composers Robert Kyr and David Crumb and received her Ph.D. in Music from the University of California, Santa Barbara where she studied with Joel Feigin and Clarence Barlow.

Her music reflects humanity’s relationship with the natural world, both as part of it and in conflict with it. She has been praised for the sophistication and intricacy of her work, as well as her ability to write gracefully and melodically, especially for the human voice.

Dr. Saxon lives in Santa Barbara with her husband, two daughters, and cat. In between writing music and parenting, she teaches piano lessons on her back porch, conducts the Santa Barbara Treble Clef Chorus, and directs the Santa Barbara Community Early Music Ensemble. Her hobbies include; defending her garden from rabbits, quilting, playing the lute badly, and endless crafting with her children.


If interested performing any of my music please check the Sheet Music Store for availability.  If you are interested in a piece that is not currently listed in the store, send me a message.


As a composition teacher I show you to to make the most of your musical strengths and then teach you new skills to get the music out of your head and on to paper or to a reliable and constant performance.


Having a new work written specifically for you, or your ensemble can be rewarding and exciting. If you are curious about the commissioning process, I am happy to answer questions, help you find a composer for your project, or be that composer.


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